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Premimum Perfection

Dual-tone all-metal body features mirrored edges that are ergonomically tapered to effortlessly fit your grip. Its unibody back is curved to achieve the streamlined look and feel of the iconic HTC One series smartphones. Unrivalled dual-tone design with mirrored edges.

All-Metal Elegance with UH-OH Protection

Currently available in two sharp colors at Amazon, all featuring a polished dual-tone look: Gold on Silver and Gunmetal Grey.

Phones are susceptible to a wide range of uh-ohs: drops, cracks, water damage. We get it. Accidents happen. So at HTC, we thought it was time someone had your back by introducing the UH-OH Protection. UH OH Protection includes one free replacement within the first 12 months for a cracked screen, water damage or if you decide to switch carriers.