DIY puppy from towels

The process is quite simple.
So we need to work:
– Terry towel rectangular (color and size of your choice, I have it creamy size of 30×50 cm)
– Felt (can be replaced by thick cloths viscose)
– Tape
– Hat gum (even better if you can find the transparent silicone rezinochki)
– Nose and eyes on the adhesive-based (and you can own “plant” them on the double sided tape)
– scissors
and a good mood. 🙂
Getting Started. Spread towel and turn the roll to the middle of its two long sides.
Prepare two rezinochki. Conditionally divide the towel into four parts. The first part of the reserve on foot, and the second part of the gathering in the snout and forehead. Fix the rubber bands.
The remaining two sections is distributed to the back and support. For this part of the fourth folded the inside so as to give the puppy resistance
Puppy assembled. Now decor.
Around the neck we tie the ribbon formed. From felt cut out the ears and tail.
Threaded lugs in the hole of the head, tail and inserted into the crease at the back.
Glue eyes and nose. To be safe, you can fasten with barrels folded portion with back decorative bulavochkami.